Young Minds Wise Words First Production “Je Aspett”

“Je Aspett”

Is the first production of the collective of Beatmaker, Rapper and Videomaker YOUNG MINDS WISE WORDS with Tonic 70 on Oni’s Beat and Dierennai’s Video.

Young Minds Wise Words is an open project composed by Beatmaker, Rapper and Videomaker, produced by a Different Records with the aim of uniting young Producer
(Young Minds) with Rapper that with their lyrics make and have
made the local Hip Hop culture ( Wise Words).

Until today they have joined the projects:

BEATMAKER: Idgaf, Oni, Joe Litty
VIDEOMAKER: Giovanni Bellotti, Domenico Bore, Claudio Sansone Dierennai
RAPPER: Shaone, RedDog, Dope One, Boom Buzz, Shamantide, Mastu Nzò, OP.Rot, Tonic 70

These collaborations have given life to 4 tracks and as many video clips.
On December 14th 2018 the first release “Je aspett” was published with Toni 70 on beat by Oni and video by Dierennai. In the first few months of 2019 the other releases will be published which will then be part of “Young Minds Wise Words Volume 1”.

Stay Tuned !!

Release note:

Brano registrato e missato da Alessandro D’Aniello (Alex D Prez) presso “a Different Studio”
Mastering: Giovanni Roma (Bolb) presso “L’Arte dei Rumori Studio”
Video Regia/Riprese/Montaggio: Dierennai
Aiuto Regista/Riprese: Maclass
Label/Publishing: a Different

Young Minds Wise Words

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