Alec King “Keep It Real” ft. Rich The Kid

Alec King “Keep It Real” ft. Rich The Kid

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Born in Colorado, King moved to Los Angeles at 16. The product of a seven family household (including two sets of twins born on the same day, eight years apart), his mother is from LA and his father from Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to hitting the sunny West, Alec first stumbled upon making music thanks to T-Pain’s Auto-Tune app. At first it was in good fun, though it quickly became something more. “I convinced my dad to help me get a mic, and I messed around by myself with a laptop, mic, and pro tools with not much idea on how to work it,” he says. “That’s kind of how I got started with recording.” Alec played both baseball and football when younger, though back surgery ultimately thwarted any plans for a career in sports. Still, it gave him a sense of discipline that he applied to his music. “I had to look at my music like a sport,” he says. “Practice, practice, practice.”

King attended the renowned LARS (Los Angeles Recording School) after high school with a focus in engineering. He freelance engineered and then landed a job at RnBass Studios, utilizing their equipment to cut tracks when no one was around. For years, the process was simple: scour Soundcloud for beats for hours, download the beats, record over the beats, upload to Soundcloud, and then network with the Soundcloud community for reposts and more collabs. He cut an EP with producer Danrell (who he met via Soundcloud) that made waves on Spotify thanks to a track called “Visions,” however the true level up happened when he aligned with producer Boston after a chance encounter over FaceTime. The two were introduced by a mutual friend, and Boston would frequent RnBass to make tracks with King. The highlight became the aforementioned “Keep It Real.” The track grew wings, especially once King’s sister Becca brought him to an ASCAP showcase where he played the track the day after it was made and landed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV from it at the top of 2018. By the end of 2018, he signed his recording contract with Republic. “I’d like to say that was when I was drafted,” he explains, maintaining his sportisms.

While Alec King creates music that reflects his everyday life, his main goal is to create that honest and authentic music that will resonate with fans for years to come. “I want people to listen to this and feel how I feel when I listen to my favorite music,” he explains. “I’ve always had music help me through certain times—whether happy times or dark times, and then when I listen back years later it takes me back to that time. Feels so nostalgic. It would be cool for people to listen to my music in five years and have it take them back to those 2019 moments they were going through when they found my music.”




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