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Artificial intelligence startups

The music industry is going through a digital Transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to power the digital music value chain to enhance creation and monetization. Below businesses that either incorporate an AI component to support their business model or have plans/visions to incorporate AI in near future.

Hurdl’s innovative platform allows you to engage your fans in real-time.

Robin has unique access to the artists and events you love. You’ll never need to worry about missing out on tickets again. Live, see, experience.

Pacemaker [ Autopilot for Pacemaker video]
Looking ahead, Pacemaker is now leading the way in AI music technology with the vision of empowering anyone to mix the music they love!

Focuses on how to use AI to monetize music and music-adjacent ventures

Claims to have the first superhuman AI-powered musician, which learns from human musicians and complements or augments music compositions.

Amper is an AI-enabled music composer, performer, and producer; it actually creates music from scratch.

“Weav’s adaptive music is created by good old human artists.” He foresees AI helping out, but as a complement and not as a replacement of the human artist.

JAAK connects songs, films, and TV shows directly to the artists, producers, writers, and organisations that create, own and distribute them.
We believe a simpler framework for licensing media on the web will unlock a world of new content experiences and untapped value opportunities for the entire media industry – we call it Smart Content.

Pippa developed a technology that allows podcasters to insert personalized ads to a podcast. It is planning to use AI to perform deep audio search and personalize ads based on a podcast’s content.

Shimmur is a social platform that makes it easier for superfans to get noticed by their favorite influencers and celebrities.

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