Promotional DJ download Mr. Vegas

Mr.Vegas recorded Wakanda Jam and Fresh Reggae artist Clifford Smith also known as Mr. Vegas combines singing with rapping or toasting. Vegas recorded Wakanda Jam and Fresh which is available for the Rebelvision DJ Affiliates ( PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY ). Enjoy the music, mix it up, watch the video and add to Mr. Vegas to your social networks. Promotional downloads: […]

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Rebelvision news: DJ King Assassin new co-owner rebelvision


Hi friends of Rebelvision, Here’s a small news topic from myself, ive partnered up with DJ King Assassin (DJ Producer for #2Pac #IceT #RobBase#Cold187 #Kokane #Treach #EazyE#Roger #4Tay #Wyclef #ShockG#MCHammer #HouseOfMarley and he is now the co-owner of Rebelvision. I’ve been sick for a long time and now recovering but just to make sure Rebelvision will be kept alive also at times i might not be able to be around plus […]

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